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Sunday, February 25th, 2007
Sunday, at
Gazette-o fans~
Hey everyone~

So, for those of you who stuck around on Saturday to film the Gazette clip, it has been successfully sent in to Kat, and I mentioned your names for the credit roll. She is finishing off the video and will be shipping it out soon, so you can squee and fangirl all you want now xD I got a sneak peek of it and it looks amazing so far~ the guys will be impressed!

If you would like to see the clip we made on Saturday, just gimme a shout at [hogwarts_scho16@hotmail.com] or my aim [wristcutxshow] and I'll send it to you.

See you next Saturday~!
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Sunday, February 18th, 2007
Sunday, at
Japan Trip 2008

Hey! Reichu here! Coming to tell you about, you guessed it, the Japan Trip! So here is the schedule we have come up with, as you all should recall:

12(Wed)-25(Tues) or 26

Osaka - karaoke, サンリオ(Sanrio)
Kyoto - Temples, kimono, Samurai Village
Nara - To-daiji
Wakayama - Koyasan, Mieko's hometown (high school, tea, flower kimono)
Hyogo - Himoji castle

Tokyo - Tower, harajuku(shopping/Sunday)
Amusement Park
コスプレショップ/アニメ(Cosplay Shop/Anime)

If anyone has any other ideas, thoughts or something to contribute about the Japan trip, then just leave a comment~~

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Wednesday, February 7th, 2007
Wednesday, at
Sorry about this guys, but Mieko-sensei has just informed me that her and Bekki-sensei will not be able to hold class on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH, 2007 because of them both having other priorities that need to be addressed. Classes will begin again the next Saturday and will run as regularly.

See you next week~! And don't forget to pass this information to anyone who may not be able to see this, please and thank you!

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Thursday, February 4th, 2010
Thursday, at
oo1 - Ideas for the New Year
Konnichiwa, everyone!

So, Reichu and I have decided that instead of an email-like newsletter, we would make it into a website that you all could come and interact in, and we can all gather our information together and be all on the same page, ne?

So this first post is going to be more interactive than anything, and it will stay at the top of all the entries because it is a very important subject - ideas!

So, what would everyone like to do for the year of 2007 with our class? Reichu had mentioned something of a Japanese sleepover, is anyone interested in that? What would we like to work on, particles, culture, tradition or all? And, when would we like to learn it? Please, put your thoughts and comments on this post so that Mieko-sensei and Bekki-sensei knows what we are interested in learning. It makes it a lot easier for them to manage their classes, and also, everyone can put in their thoughts instead of trying to battle over the chit chat of our classroom xD

So, post away lovelies, and don't worry if you are not an lj user - you could put an anonymous comment on here, but remember to mention who you are somewhere in the comment, okay? ^-^


Learning phrases to use in every day life/conversation - Katrina

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